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Title or Item:
Alexandra Rex's Mohawk Haircut  
Alison's Boycut Haircut  
Allie's Eyebrow Shave and Draw In  
Allie's Face Shave with Razor in Rollers  
Allie's Smoking Roller Set  
Alucard's Face & Nape and Haircut  
Alucard & KJ Dekker's Punishment Haircuts  
Amanda Bobs her Hair  
Amanda H.'s Pageboy Haircut  
Amanda Love's Punky Pixie Haircut  
Amyee Danger at the THFH Show  
Amy's Lathery Shampoo  
Angel's Bowl Cut Haircut  
Angel's Capes  
Angie's Haircut  
Angie's Big 1960's Hairstyle  
Angie's Uniperm  
Anneli's Afro Perm  
Anneli's Haircut and Afro Style  
Anne M's Beard and Face Shave  
Arlene's Barbershop Business Man's Haircut and Head Shave  
Art of Tina's Wedge Pixie Haircut  
Art of Tracy's Inverted Bob Haircut  
Art of Roxanne's Clippercut Haircut  
Barber Barberette Face Shaving  
Barberette's Feet Perspective  
Bee's Green Perm Rod Set and Style  
Betsy Moe's Asymmetrical Bob Haircut  
Billie's Ivy League Haircut  
Blonde Sara's Long Hair to Pixie Haircut  
Blue Sky's Waist Long Hair to Bob Haircut  
Bri's Long Brush Haircut  
Bria's Edgy Pixie Haircut  
Brittany's waist long Hair to Shag Haircut  
Button Curler Punishment Hairstyle & Pink Brush Rollerset  
Calley's Barbershop Flat Top and Head Shave  
Calley's Shampoo and Hair Braiding  
Caped Women Going Wild  
Carmen Removes Curlers  
Celia Cyanide's Face Shave  
Celia Cyanide's Punishment Spiral Set with Mistress Bee  
Celia Cyanide's Perm, Roller Set, and Beehive  
Christina's Spiral Perm  
Crystal's and Xanthia's Haircuts at Fantastic Sams  
Danielle at the THFH Show  
Dawn's Brushcut Haircut  
Debbie's Angled Bob  
Debbie's Highlights and Trim  
DJ KJ Dekker & Alucard's Punishment Haircuts  
DJ KJ Dekker's Cheerful Haircut  
DJ's Long to Short Haircut  
Elizabeth's Boy Haircut  
Elizabeth's Short Haircut with Fringe  
Elizabeth's Long Hair to Inverted Bob to Pixie Haircut - Goth  
Emily's Body Shave  
Emily's Long Hair to Inverted Bob Haircut  
Emily's Thinning Shears Haircut, Face, Eyebrows, and Head Shave  
Escape (Helena's Head Shave movie) - Punishment Headshave  
Eva's Barbershop Pixie Haircut  
Eva's Eyebrow and Haircoloring at Fantastic Sams  
Eve of Eden at the THFH Show - Bob Haircut- at Barbershop  
Flatland's Headshave by Kat  
Flatland's Hair Design in Hair Salon  
Gal in Vinyl Dress trying on 15 Capes and Aprons  
Giselle's Haircut and Haircoloring  
Giselle's Spiral Foam Perm  
Hannah's Long to Bald (aka Our Slumber Party)  
Hair Spell for Love aka Nicole's Business Man's Haircut  
Jaclyn's Bob Haircut  
Jamie's Peekaboo Haircut and Trim  
Jana Goes to the Barbershop for a Military Flat Top  
Jana Goes to the Barbershop 940 Photos  
Jeanette's Mohawk Haircut  
Jen's Bob Haircut  
Jennifer and Kat Caping in a Hair Salon  
Jennifer Lauren in All Methods Shampoo  
Jessica's and Hayden's Pixie Haircuts  
Judebox Jenny at the THFH Show  
Jukebox Jenny's Button Curlers, Pincurls, Fingerwave  
Karen's Bob Haircut and Highlights  
Karissah Jean's Buzzcut Haircut  
Karissah's Day in the Barber Chair  
Kate's Hair Singeing  
Katherine's Permanent Wave Machine Perm  
Katie's Bob Haircut and Highlights  
Kat Kempe's Crop Haircut  
Kat Removes Purple Perm Rods  
Kat's Afro Foam Perm  
Kat's Barbershop Headshave from Crown  
Kat's Beauty Treatment - WAM Highlighting Cap  
Kat's Big Hair Day  
Kat's Bleach and Variocurler Roller Set  
Kat's Hair Bleach in Lingerie at Carmen's Salon  
Kat's Bleaching and Purple Haircoloring  
Kat's Bleaching - Black to Blonde - at Carmen's Salon  
Kat's Bleach Touch Up, Roller Set, and Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle  
Kat's Blonde to Brunette at Carmen's Salon  
Kat's Blonde to Red  
Kat's Bridal Updo and Makeup  
Kat's Double Halo Windup Roller Set  
Kat's Extreme Bob Haircut  
Kat's Eyebrow Cut and Shave  
Kat's Face Shave with Vintage Safety Razor, wearing Wig with Rollers  
Kat's Flat Top Haircut at Great Clips Hair Salon  
Kat's GE Bonnet  
Kat's Gellin' Hairstyle  
Kat's Hair Conditioning with Foils and Rollerset  
Kat's Hair Eating Creme  
Kat's Head Shave in Stages  
Kat's High and Tight  
Kat's Japanese Face Shave and Massage  
Kat's Nape Buzz at Carmen's Salon  
Kat's Outside Inside Inverted Bob Haircut  
Kat's 1950's Deb Cold Wave Perm and Updo  
Kat's Perm and Orange Haircoloring  
Kat's Pink Haircoloring and Foot Massage  
Kat's Pink Wig under the Hair Chair Dryer  
Kat's Purple Perm Rods under Dryer  
Kat's Roller Set and Style in Pink Vinyl  
Kat's Shampoo & 1940's Hair Tint Rinse  
Kat's Shampoo and Lather  
Kat's Slicked Hair 3-Way  
Kat's Spiral Perm, Roller Set, Out Shopping  
Kat's Swimcap and Cream  
Kat's Tie and Salon Cape Fun  
Kat's 3-Way Shampoo at Beauty Salon  
Kat's Traditional German Perm Windup  
Kelly's Bob Haircut  
Kendra Holliday's Head Shave Event and Other Adventures  
Kristen Jones' Pixie Haircut  
Kristen's Bob Haircut  
Kseniya's Bob Haircut  
Leah's Foam Perm - may be sold out - checking inventory  
Leah's Roller Set & Backcombing  
Leah's Shampoo & Hot Oil Treatment  
Leslie's Traditional boy's Haircut and Headshave at Barbershop  
Maia's Asymmetrical Bob and Patterned Side  
Ms. Richie's Wild Haircuts  
Mistress Bee's Dryer Time and Brush Roller Removal  
Monique's Special Shampoo  
Mother and Daughter Short Haircuts  
Natalie's Barbershop Face Shave and a Haircut  
Nikki's Bob Haircut  
Pat's Mullet Haircut  
Paula's Pixie Haircut  
Pauline's Pixie Haircut  
Pepper's Military Flat Top Barbershop Haircut  
Pistol Vegas' Clippering and Headshave  
Princess Kat, aka "the video from Break"  
Rachel's Long Bob Haircut  
Randy's Day at the Beauty Salon  
Randy's Haircut  
Rebecca's Self Bob Haircut  
Renita's Very Long Hair to Bob Haircut  
Richard's Shampoo & Mouth Soaping FF/M  
Samantha Freeman's Clipper Haircut and Fringe  
Samantha's Barbershop Flat Top and Buzzcut Haircuts  
Sarah's Waist-Long Hair to Bald Head Shave  
Severe Changes: Complete Video - Roller Set and Head Shave  
Severe Changes: Perm Rod Cut Out and Head Shave Only  
Severe Changes: Shampoo and Perm Rod Set Only  
Shana and Kristi's Bob Haircuts  
Sharla's Crop Haircut  
Shelly's Forced Gender Bender Makeover  
Skye Noelle's Inverted Bob Haircut  
Staci's Asymmetrical Bob Haircut  
Susan's Short Shag Haircut  
Sydney's Polish Pixie Haircut  
37 Beauty Salon Capes on Kat  
Tifanee Marie's Extreme Short Boy's Haircut  
Tinkai's Barbershop Bob Haircut  
Too Hot for Hair Show  
Tricia & Michelle's Hair on Cape  
Tricia & Michelle's New Short Haircuts  
Trish and Kat's Cape Play  
Trish Highlight's Kat's Hair  
Trish's Salon Trim  
TruKenna's Permanent Wave Machine Perm  
Vanessa's Bleach and Buzz Haircut  
Wig Shopping with Pistol Vegas  
Winning Shave  
Women's Long Hair Play  
Women being Dusted with Hair Dusting Brush  
Zonie's Head Shave  
Sub Total  
If in MN, add 7.25% Sales Tax  

Shipping cost for the USA - $6.00
Shipping cost for the Canada - $7.00
Shipping cost for International - $11.00

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PO Box 600357
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