Video Category - Vintage & Antique Hair Tools and Equipment Being Used


Vintage & Antique Hair Tools and Equipment Videos

Here is the list of videos featuring vintage and antique hair tools and equipment being used. You will rarely see these cool beauty and barber shop items being used from start to finish. These videos are great if you also have these tools in your basement or attic and have wondered how to use them.

Angie's Uniperm
Jukebox Jenny's Button Curlers, Pincurls, Fingerwave
Karissah's Hair Play - Slicked Hairstyles, Fingerwaving Clamps, Dryer
Katherine's Permanent Wave Machine Perm - DVD only
Kat's Bleach and Variocurler Roller Set
Kat's 1950's Deb Cold Wave Perm and Updo
Kat's Shampoo & 1940's Hair Tint Rinse
TruKenna's Permanent Wave Machine Perm